Vendors and Readers

Vendors and Readers

Catt Foy

Catt Foy has been a professional psychic since 1978, and a student of the metaphysical and paranormal for over 50 years. Catt is an experienced reader, medium, astrologer, psychic investigator, shaman, writer, novelist, artist, teacher, and hypnotherapist specializing in past life exploration.

Catt has worked with the deck known as Psycards since 1988, and is the author of their companion book, “Psycards: A New Alternative to Tarot.”

She lives in Eugene with her husband of over 20 years, two cats and a semi-wild organic garden.  Visit Website



Rouse Your Spirits

Crystals and Mysticals for your Soul.  Crystals, gazing balls, tarot, rune stones, pendulums, stick and resin incense, smudges, oils, boxes and books.  Visit Website.


 Leather Pixie

Color and texture combos that you have to touch! Leather Pixie creates magical accessories to bring inspiration to the wearers.  Visit Facebook Page.


Sinfully Yours Handmade Chocolates

Creative hand made chocolate novelties to make you smile! I specialize on the the creepier side, but love to create any theme your heart desires!  Visit Facebook Page.


Crystal Stardust Jewelry & Gifts

Crystal Stardust Jewelry & Gifts has magical gemstone jewelry, sparkly things, crystals, minerals and spiritual gifts.    Visit Facebook Page.


Ember Dahl, Massage Therapy

Take a few minutes to rejuvenate and rest your feet with a chair massage by Ember (OR LMT #18481) 

Our Readers

Catt Foy

Catt provides insightful psychic readings using Psycards and other tools, and offers handmade, upcycle, and vintage jewelry, some clothing and fiber arts. She is the author of Psycards–A New Alternative to Tarot.  Visit Website


 Asa Downing

Asa Downing is a well known figure throughout Lane County for his startling accuracy and presentation. With over 20 years professional experience, Asa had learned his craft from a family tradition from his mom’s side. As a child, Asa was raised by Nomads whom traveled the west coast, but currently lives in Eugene where he works independently as a diviner and as a seer for the local Druid grove, Twisted Root. Come and find out why Asa is considered so eerily accurate!

Ker Cleary

Ker Cleary has been a professional conscious channel since 1989, skilled at stepping aside to allow the wisdom and humor of her guides, BlueStar and Counsel of Light, to come through unimpeded. They are known for bringing clarity and unconditional love energy to the people who seek their help. Ker will be offering channeled guidance at special low prices for the Witches’ Ball. Visit her website at for more information.

Doug James

I’ve been a career elementary school educator for 40 years. I have a BA in Philosophy from UC Irvine. I have a MA in Educational Technology. I have studied Hermetic, Rosicrucian, Masonic, Qabalistic philosophy for 35 years. I’ve been initiated into various esoteric Mystery Schools. I’ve been a co-facilitator in the reenactment of the Rites of Eleusis Greek Mysteries. For 35 years I have practiced Divination including the Tarot and I Ching. I’ve read fortunes for high school senior grad night for 12 years.

Gabriel Denison

Gabriel Denison is of Cherokee and Creek descent, and was raised in a female family of clairvoyant women.
She reads two types of cards(tarot and playing cards) and psychic palmistry. She also holds two degrees in Psychology, working as a life coach.
Readings $1 per minute, 10 minute minimum.