We are accepting sponsorship in the form of physical donations and monetary donations.  Proceeds from the sponsorship go toward Eugene Pagan Pride Day and seed the event for next year, as well as possibilities for other community events.  We’re also looking for items for our silent auction and VIP swag packs.

To read about our silent auction and view available prizes, click here!

If you are interested in donating, please contact us.


Sponsorship Tiers:

Physical Donations:
  • Items up to $40 in value – mention on the website.
  • Items of $40 or more – mention on the website and on our tshirt, mention by the MC during the event.
Monetary Donations:
  • Up to $40 – mention on the website.
  • $40 to $99 – mention on the website, mention on our tshirt, mention by our MC during the event.
  • $100 to $199 – mention on the website, tshirt, mention by MC during the event, advertising banner space of 36″ x 24″ on wall during the event. Limit of 4.
  • $200 to $250 – All of the above plus two evening tickets to the event. Limit 2.

Our Sponsors


Ghost House

‘We are Eugene, Oregon’s primary Goth, Industrial and Dark 80s night out. Going strong since 2009, we feature resident DJs Refugium, Abulika, SpiderSound, Perfidia, and an assortment of invited guest DJs. Ghost House happens at Old Nick’s Pub and our schedule is currently fluid, so look on the page or subscribe to our events to know for sure. We welcome all guests who are 21 and over. Goth/dark/cyber/punk dress warmly encouraged.’

Eugene Witches Ball is pleased to feature Ariana from Ghost House as our daytime DJ!

‘Kəvən’s Mission Statement (From their website):
“Our decision to pursue handmade artisanal lifestyle products stems from the love & utter perfection of quality based goods, verging on the level of snobbery.
When we say snob, what we mean to say is, we want & expect the best from products. We want organic, we want handmade, we want products made for both genders. We want products that don’t conform to traditional standards but approach their craft as a piece of functional art.

Our products are both conceptual and usable, and play with the ideas of the metaphysical as well as inherent properties of natural materials.

‘Kəvən chooses to use premium raw materials, customized and fabricated original essential oil blends, and uniquely handcraft the majority of all production based goods. It’s the essential cornerstone of our mission.
Just like our art, our food tastes better when we make it with love. Food made without love, feels empty and less nourishing.

*We never test on animals, use only specified ingredients and no fillers, parabens, or added preservatives or dyes.”

Eugene Witches Ball is thrilled to partner with ‘Kəvən to provide a convenient place to get some delicious food from local food carts, hot drinks, snow cones and other goodies!  We encourage you to visit their shop (right behind the WOW Hall!) during the event and receive a discount if you show your event wristband.  We also appreciate ‘Kəvən for helping us with promotional materials and artwork!

We *highly* encourage you to visit their shop in general as their products are incredible!

Fathom Fortuna

Fathom Fortuna creates fantasy based headdresses and costume accessories, as well as one of a kind drinking horns, jewelry, and home decor. She blends a lot of norse influence into her bright designs, creating one of a kind pieces with a modern fantasy twist.  We invite you to come bid on one of these fabulous head dresses at our silent auction!

Rose Jacobs Web Services

Rose Jacobs is the web master of this site and has been a web developer for 11 years.  She specializes in small businesses, non-profits and events.  As a small business owner herself, Rose attempts to create sites in a ‘you-friendly’ way.  Rose is donating a website with a year of hosting to the silent auction.


rouseRouse Your Spirits

Crystals and Mysticals for your Soul.  Crystals, gazing balls, tarot, rune stones, pendulums, stick and resin incense, smudges, oils, boxes and books.  Visit Website.



onsenOnsen Spas

From their website: Soaking in a hot tub is one of the nicest things we know that you can do for your body. It eases tensions, relaxes muscles and improves circulation. It just makes you feel better as it melts and soothes away daily stress — hydrotherapy for the body and mind. We invite you to enjoy one of our 13 private hot tub rooms in a quite garden setting. Each room has its own covered dressing area, shower and hot tub complete with hydro jets, including the patented MotoMassage. Open to the sky, it’s a perfect setting to savor a frosty winter’s eve, a starry summer night or even the cool rain showers of Oregon. The facility is open year ’round and hot tub rentals are on an hourly basis. Soaking is a fun activity to share with family and friends or to give as a gift to someone special. For your enjoyment we offer a number of special programs for frequent visitors.

We are proud of our reputation for quality products and superior service. It is hard-earned. We sincerely hope that you will give us the opportunity to continue to build that reputation and to provide you with what we enjoy giving most — satisfaction.  Visit Website.


spiritlogoSpirit Craft

Online Gnostic and Occult Crafts and Tools.  Visit Website.


Illumination Wellness

Our studio is dedicated to building community and offering high quality natural healing therapies at affordable prices.   We are passionate about our work and strive to shine light on the path to authenticity and optimal health.  Visit Website.



sundanceSundance Natural Foods

From their website: “As our mission statement says, we aspire to be “Individuals nourishing community nourishing individuals.” This circular phrase has been an ongoing source of inspiration and guidance. It encourages us to maintain high product standards so that the products we provide our community are nourishing. It leads us to be care-full in how we treat one another so that our social interactions may also be nourishing.”  Visit Website.


Katalytic Glass

Visit Facebook Page.











Crystal Stardust Jewelry & Gifts

Crystal Stardust Jewelry & Gifts has magical gemstone jewelry, sparkly things, crystals, minerals and spiritual gifts.  Visit Facebook Page.


sinfullySinfully Yours Handmade Chocolates

Creative hand made chocolate novelties to make you smile! I specialize on the the creepier side, but love to create any theme your heart desires!  Visit Facebook Page.


Catt Foy

psycardsCatt Foy has been a professional psychic since 1978, and a student of the metaphysical and paranormal for over 50 years. Catt is an experienced reader, medium, astrologer, psychic investigator, shaman, writer, novelist, artist, teacher, and hypnotherapist specializing in past life exploration.

Catt has worked with the deck known as Psycards since 1988, and is the author of their companion book, “Psycards: A New Alternative to Tarot.”

She lives in Eugene with her husband of over 20 years, two cats and a semi-wild organic garden.  Visit Website


doterraYvonne Miller, DoTerra Products

Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature’s most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates. Visit Website.


img_2468Leather Pixie

Color and texture combos that you have to touch! Leather Pixie creates magical accessories to bring inspiration to the wearers.  Visit Facebook Page.


FAE Productions

We are a fantasy-themed production company that brings real life fantasy, folklore and cosplay characters, events and parties to your door!

It is our mission to host a family-friendly parties, events & festivals!

FAE Productions is dedicated to providing professionalism, communication and good customer service to you, our biggest (and littlest) fans!

Above all, we aim to have a faery-tastical time entertaining! Visit Website.



occamsOccam’s Edge

We are the Merchants and your humble servants of Occams Edge; your source for a wide variety of quality Edged Weaponry, Flintlocks, Pride and Pirate Flags, and other treasures from the known and unknown worlds.

We vend at many Pirate, Scadian, and Renaissance events in the Pacific Northwest, as well as other Conventions and events. Please check out our Calendar of Events page! We welcome you to stop by, look around, and ask questions – we have a blade or flag for virtually every purpose and budget, as well as many other unique items.

Since 1999, we’ve brought our knives, swords, and other treasures to our discerning customers, and are proud in the knowledge that we represent quality and unique selections at affordable prices. We hand inspect each item before it’s offered for sale, to ensure that each blade or other item will serve you well. Thank you and enjoy!  Visit Website.

Mystic Cauldron

mysticcauldronWe have a huge selection of Pagan, Wiccan, Hoodoo & Witchcraft supplies, including candles oils, books, jewelry, talismans, music, and much, much, more For All Your Magickal Needs! We are always adding new products, so check back often!

We’ve been serving the magical community since 2002, and provide Reliable Customer Service, Excellent Prices, & Secure Shopping.  Visit Website.
We also carry Alchemy Gothic merchandise on our sister site The Gothic Closet!

The Kiva Grocery Market

We proudly work with over 250 local and regional producers and growers. When you shop at The Kiva Grocery, you are supporting a locally owned and operated business that supports community.  Visit Website.


  • Local, specialty, and gourmet foods
  • Fresh organic produce
  • Bulk foods, herbs, spices, coffees and teas
  • Over 200 cheeses cut to order
  • Sandwiches, salads, and espresso made to order
  • Imported and domestic wine, beer, and cider
  • Vitamins and Homeopathic remedies
  • Body Care and natural cleaning products

Blue Star Channeling

Ker Cleary has been a professional conscious channel since 1989, skilled at stepping aside to allow the wisdom and humor of her guides, BlueStar and Counsel of Light, to come through unimpeded. They are known for bringing clarity and unconditional love energy to the people who seek their help. Ker will be offering channeled guidance at special low prices for the Witches’ Ball. Visit her website atwww.BlueStarChanneling.com for more information.

mysticatMysticat Creations

My art spans several decades and is a journey through different mediums and a multitude of inspirations. From my early works in painting and poetry to my newest creations in mixed media collage, art infuses my life. In 2013 I started creating jewelry inspired by steampunk style, and love to explore the world of cosplay and artistic creations. Brides love my jewelry for their steampunk weddings, and my jewelry is sold at local shops near Eugene, Oregon.  Visit Website.

dancingDancing The Goddess Within

Every week, learn about a different goddess from various pantheons throughout history.

Move with the music and free your spirit. Belly dance with a focus on fun. Please wear clothes in which you feel comfortable moving but which are not too baggy. You can dance in bare feet, socks, or dance shoes. If you have one, please bring a hip scarf to tie around your waist to accent your movement. Visit Website.


Eugene Pagan Pride Day

Through education, activism, charity and community, the project promotes tolerance and understanding between people with different belief systems. If you are a Pagan, the project can help you find pride and confidence in your path. If you are not a Pagan, the project can help you understand your Pagan friends, coworkers, and family members. Visit Website.






Dancing Muse

We sell L.A.R.P., cosplay and creative historical character wear year round to fun loving enthusiasts and re-enactors in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. You’ll find us at various anime, sci-fi/fantasy conventions, pirate festivals, renaissance faires and community events where people shop for gifts, get celebrity autographs, listen to music, attend workshops, and have fun in a costume themed atmosphere promoted by local communities, organizations, and businesses. Visit Website.


Finding Keepers – Center for Wisdom and Living 

Private Donations from : Shelly – Lylea – Lori McMillen – Sheila – Angela