Ritual and Community Altar

The theme of our ritual this year is:
Rising from the Ashes: Transforming Community

We will be presenting a N.R.O.O.G.D. style ritual.  All ages are welcome in circle, and you are welcome to silently observe as well as participating.

For those not familiar with Earth-Based Spiritual traditions, we are celebrating the holiday of Samhain this time of year.  Samhain for many traditions, is looked at similarly to New Year’s.  You can read more information about Samhain here. We will beginning our ritual with a group spiral dance that will be lead by one of our community members.


One thing about Samhain is that it’s the time of year where we celebrate our ancestors and others who are important to us who have passed away. We will have a community altar available for you to leave pictures, mementos, symbols, and words to remind you of your loved one.